Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Couples today think of unique and ready-to-use wedding ideas for their wedding. An outdoor wedding is one of them. Outdoor wedding venues can be a garden, beach, hill, school, or college. However, there are many factors that you should consider before considering an outdoor wedding decoration.
First of all, you should consider the time of the wedding location. Time can ruin or spoil all of your wedding decorations. The tablecloths shouldn’t fly off or the candles shouldn’t flicker in the wind. Also, you don’t want the flower decoration to be disturbed by the wind. Would you like to see your guests wet from the rain or from the freezing snow? Since you never know when it will rain or snow, an outdoor wedding should be planned at an appropriate time of the year when no snow, rain, or wind interferes with your wedding decorations.

An outdoor wedding decoration is much depends on the number of guests and area of the venue. While thinking of a park wedding make sure that the area is not too small or big for your guest list.

The best rule of thumb for outdoor wedding decorations is to keep it simple. Since you already have the external beauty, there is no more need to decorate the place. The calming breeze, the green, the moonlight and the twinkling stars would already add beauty to the place so you don’t have to do more.

Too many flowers and flowy things may ruin your celebration. Do not use delicate items or flowers. Instead use flowers that will last for long time. Also think of furniture. It should be elegant as well simple which will compliment the surrounding. Wooden tables and garden chairs will go well for the garden wedding. Light is also an important issue when you consider outdoor wedding decorations. If your wedding is in day time, you might have to face the brighter sun. On the other hand if the wedding is in evening, there might have darkness. You need to balance the light. When there is excessive lighting make use of temporary shelters, curtains or tents to balance it. These shelters are not only protective but decorative as well. However to avoid the dark you can include the decorative lights.

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