Wedding Cake Decorations

Wedding Cake Decorations

When you are thinking of a wedding decorations, you should not forget about the wedding cake decoration. It’s a tradition and you should think about its decoration. A simple round stacked white cake with bride-groom cake topper is the traditional way of wedding cake. But now you can think for a variety of colors and shapes to design your wedding cake. Although the traditional bride-groom cake toppers never go out of style, you can also think of other cake toppers. Put bright wild flowers, bows, sugar dusted fruits or balloons as toppers. You can also put the names or the first letters of the bride and groom as cake toppers.

When you are thinking of a wedding cake, the cake toppers are very important part of it. You can put anything on the cake top according to your style, creativity or on the tastes of the bride and groom. Remember your cake topper is the thing which everybody will notice. It’s a centre of attraction to everyone at the wedding ceremony. A spark lover couple can go for a glass or crystal cake topper. However the monogram cake toppers are becoming famous now days.

Also consider that your wedding cake table should look different than the other tables present at the wedding. Use different kind of clothing to cover the table. You can use light blue or pink color table cloth for your wedding cake table. If you have chosen some theme for your wedding then bring its elements to the cake decoration as well. For example if you are planning for a beach theme, then adorn your cake with sea elements like sea shells, pearls, star fishes and palm trees. A conch will work as great cake topper for a beach themed wedding.

For a winter or Christmas theme wedding, you can use artificial snow, icing, or the Christmas tree decorations. Heart shapes, picture frames or even personalized frames will make an eye-catching wedding cake decoration. A glass or crystal or castle cake topper will also be a great idea.

Bring the outside ceremony decoration into your cake. There will be variety of decorative ideas for an outdoor wedding. Also there will be much creative decorations for a seasonal wedding. You can also think of inexpensive cake toppers if you have low cash. But no matter how big or small your wedding is, you should have a wedding cake and a cake topper in turn. Wedding cake is the centre of attraction for the guests, so you should have to think for a good decoration of it. Finally a wedding cake is yours, so do what you like with it.

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