Wedding Pew Decorations

Wedding Pew Decorations

Pew decoration plays important role in your wedding decorations. It’s important because they lead the way to your ceremony. Many people caught in dilemma that whether to decorate the pews in traditional way or in a modern way.

The traditional way to decorate the pews is to attach simple white bow at the end of it. But one can easily go for a blend of modern and traditional. If you are creative enough then you can add many things along with the common bow.

Flowers will always be the first choice. A bouquet of flowers can be attached to the pew along with the white bows. Choose flowers which will last for the whole day. You can try a bouquet of same color flowers or a bouquet of same flowers. Flowers give exotic look for any occasion. It adds freshness, simplicity and beauty to the atmosphere.

Smaller bouquets or containers of flower petals can be tied at the end of pews with a lace. You can get the special wedding pew bows from your florist. You can also add greenery to the environment by putting small potted plants at the end of pews. It will enrich the environment.

The simple way is to drape the pews with the fabric. It will give classy look to your wedding. However, instead of flowers you can use fabric bows of different colors. Like flowers, you can use balloons to attach at the end of the pews. Tulle decoration is the best to connect all the aisle pews. It will create an good pasaage. Helium balloon arches can also be used to decorate the passage. Isn’t it magical for the bride and groom to walk through such a passage to an altar to begin their new life together.

A pew decoration adds elegance and excitement to your wedding decoration. So decorate it in traditional, modern, creative or in a way according to the tastes of the wedding couple.

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