Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception is nothing but the celebration of two people’s togetherness. It is about partying and celebrating the special day in their life. So its decoration should also be eye-catching and special. The wedding reception decoration adds excitement to the environment. The reception decoration starts from entrance and ends on the reception cake. Reception decoration not only represents the decoration but also represents your hospitality to the guests. So plan it well, so that your guests should return with satisfaction.

To decorate the entrance you can use flower garlands. Lights can be used to light up the doorway. Rose petals on the way to reception hall will even beautify more the entrance. Don’t forget to decorate the ceiling of the hall. To decorate it you can use colorful balloons, strings or curly ribbons. Lights hanged from the ceiling will also make the atmosphere adoring. Wedding bells will also help to adorn the ceiling of your reception hall. To make it inexpensive, you can use only balloons hanging from the ceiling.

The most important part in your wedding reception decoration is the tables. As your guests are going to spend more time around the tables, you have to take care to decorate it well. Use long table cloths to drape the tables. Also use napkins which will go well with the table cloth. Flowers and candles can be used as centerpiece of tables.

Flowers and candles are enough to decorate the wedding reception. You can also use blend of flowers, candles and water to decorate the reception. It’s a great idea for outdoor wedding reception. However you can use them in indoor receptions as well. Candles floating in bowls of water or flower petals floating on water will be great center pieces for the tables. You can put some potted plants to add greenery to the location.

Make little different decoration for the cake table. Put the reception cake table under spotlight. Decorate the ceiling and floor around the cake table. Also use lights to light up the space around the cake. The wedding reception decorations are easily available in wedding shops or in floral and craft stores. So you can decorate your reception hall on your own.

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