Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations

One of the significant parts of the wedding decorations is wedding table decoration. There are different types of tables included in the wedding ceremony such as head table, cake table, serving tables, guest tables, and guestbook table. Think of your budget before deciding the decorative items for your wedding table decorations. If you have a good imagination power and creativity, you can decide the table decoration on your own or you can go for a professional wedding table decorator. Or you can take help of your relatives and friends in the decoration ideas. Well here are some tips/ideas that will definitely help you.

Cover the table with brightly colored clothes or satin cloth and put flowers as a centerpiece. Table covers also play a great role in table decorations. You can get variety of table covers from needle worked covers to white satin covers to plastic covers. Choose napkins which will compliment to the table covers. Make sure that the cutlery is sparkling clean. For chairs, you can cover it with white stain cloth and attach a bow or flowers to its back.

What about table centerpieces? Flowers are always a great idea. You can also put scented candles in glass or crystal votive as a centerpiece. Candles give a romantic feel to the wedding and also it is cheaper than flowers. A photo frame or a personalized memento would also be a great centerpiece idea.

If you have chosen some wedding theme, then bring that theme to the table as well. For example if you have chosen a winter theme then decorate the table with a miniature sled filled with artificial snow and a little snowman with it. Or you can cover the chairs with beautiful scarves. You can also add the bells and crystal balls to the decoration. In a beach themed wedding you can put the sea shells, pearls, conches, star fishes at the center of the table.

If you are thinking of a garden wedding then include floating candles and neon lights in your table decorations. Put rose petals in glass or crystal bowl and add water to it. Instead of flower petals, you can also have candles floating in water. It will give an exotic look to the atmosphere.

Your cake table decoration should be little different than other tables. You can use pink or light blue colored table clothes for it. Also your head table should stand out than the other tables. Attach borders to the table edges to make your head or cake table different. Stick those borders with stick tape or staples. The chairs around the head table should also be decorated different than the others. To make it more attractive and outstanding you can also attach flowers, bows or balloons to the back of a chair. However while decorating a guest table you should consider the guests physical comfort. Make sure that the guest will not feel discomfort or uneasiness with the decorations.

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