Winter Wedding Decorations

Winter Wedding Decorations

Winter is the fascinating and magical season to get married. Winter reflects the sense of warmness, peace, deep reflection and tranquility. Isn’t it great to marry in such a magical atmosphere? However when you are thinking of your winter wedding decorations, make sure that your decoration should reflect the warmness. A winter or Christmas wedding is a joyous event, so your decoration should also feel like that. Here are some decoration tips for winter wedding.

Winter turns you inward, towards your family and home. So let your winter wedding decoration reflect the strength of your families. You can put scrapbooks for bride’s and groom’s family on the guest table. Let the guests go though it and share their memories with the family. To reflect the family theme, you can also put family photos or frames of bride’s and groom’s childhood pictures on the tables.

For a winter wedding one could easily expect a warm setting. For a wedding venue, you can think of your family home, an historic inn or a quaint cottage. In case if you require bigger space, you can still create a homely environment to the location. Make arrangement for a fireplace, so that guests can get around it to get warm.

Lot of candles will give delightful and warm look to the winter wedding. You can also make use of luminaries to decorate the entryways. To enhance the effect of warmness make use of bright colors as a part of your winter wedding decoration. Although winter symbolizes the white color, you can go for other colors as well. Use bright and bold colors which reflects the icy thing of the winter. Bright gold color will be helpful to enhance the warmness. Colors like dark red, royal blue and forest green will go well for the bridesmaid dresses.

Flowers are always the first choice for decoration at any event. Other than flowers, you can make use of other things like stone chalets, evergreen forests, log cabins and holly berries to adorn your winter wedding. The Christmas decorations will also go well for the winter wedding decoration.

To add more warmth to the environment, serve apple ciders to your guests. Also make use of other spices. Pews and chaires can be decorated with red velvet bows. Crystal or glass votives will be great centerpieces. You can also put baskets of festive sugar cookies as centerpiece. Use the Christmas theme to decorate the wedding cake.

Make your winter wedding decorations such that your guests should remember its warmth and brightness for a long time.

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